Natural Inclinations follows the adventures of Greg Steward from his youth in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands to New York City and his employment at the American Museum of Natural History where he becomes a member of a scientific expedition to Panama. That experience confirms his love for adventure and desire for more new and exotic places and wildlife. He then joins other scientific expeditions to such distant places as the Galapagos, Easter Island, the Societies, and the Marquesas Islands.

On Greg’s return to the Virgin Islands, he realizes that adventure is in his blood and he soon joins another expedition to see new places and peoples. His additional adventures include a severe storm at sea and even more wonders around the world.

He eventually returned home to the Virgin Islands where he is offered a job to study wildlife and write about those species. He also writes the Conservation Plan for the US. Virgin Islands. But few of his efforts are appreciated by government. After 22 years working for the Virgin Islands Government, he retires with his wife, Betty, to a place on St. Croix he has long loved.